How can i stop my toilet seat from moving a round when i sit on it . thanks?


Be sure to install 2 rubber groments one on each side this will absorb the shock when some big behind sits on it. By the way the rubber gromments usually do not come with the seats but you can get them at the local hardware store.

Where the seat attaches to the bowl there are two screws concealed under two clips. Just lift up the clips and tighten the screws (you'll have to hold the bottom while you tighten)
tighten the screws on it
either screw it in tighter or get a brand new one
glue it down lol or get it fixed and bolted on properlly or maybe you can put a magnet at the bottom of the seat or some grip tabs.
the seat is held on by a couple of bolts. tighten those bolts, or replace them.
What Owen said.
tighten the screws underneath. If that doesnt help.. replace the seat. easy to do, and you can find them at any WalMart
pls call a plumber he can do it ,and see while he does,next u also can do,ok.
Get a wrench and tighten the screws.
check the bolts that go to the floor, also make sure that you put a caulking around the bottom to avoid the movement and squeaks
There are 2 bolts that hold your seat to the bowl. You need to tighten those bolts or replace the seat. Try that and give me 78.00 for a service call.
Well actually the seat is put together with a nut and a screw, youll have to get a small crescent wrench or a 7/16 wrench, i think, and look underneath the toilet and locate the nut that is holding the seat onto the toilet and tighten the nut up on both sides of the seat, and youll be in good shape
this happened to my old one if it wont tighten i would say you need a new one as the screws might be corroded,they are not expencive to buy unless you want something out of the ordinary about 5.00 for a plain plastic one,hope this helps.
At the back where it is attached to the bowl there should be some sort of bolt, plastic probably, they will need to be tightened.
There are screws with nuts on the back side of the seat hinge. Tighten those together and you should be good.

p.s. wear a pair of latex gloves.

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tighten the screws around the back
tighten up the screw under the seat were its attached to the toilet.
Lift the toilet seat lid and at the back you will find two screw/bolts which insert through the porcelain, usually with small wing nuts underneath.

You'll need to undo these. If they are tight or rusted in place, you will need to use an easing oil. Let this work for a few minutes then undo the wing nuts.

Remove the whole of the seat and upper lid. Clean everything up, then return and adjust so that the seat and lid remain in an upright position without falling down.

Screw back on the wing nuts and tighten up adjusting as you go so that the seat and lid do not wobble about.

In my house all the toilet seats are removed for a thorough cleaning on a three monthly basis. This keeps everything in good working order.

Clean your lavatory seat every day.
1Tighten the screw.
2 change a new one, that's my way:)
Loose about 1 1/2 stone.
Ok.. this is strange... I have the same problem and the reason is, is becasue the toilet seat is too big.. and we both have the same name too ^.^;
Keep still and stop jigging about so much! Or you could tighten the screws underneath.
Tighten the two little bolts at the back of the loo. If they are old they do get worn so, replace bolts or new loo. Good loo seat at focus about £14.00 the lid gently shuts by itself when you have done! Goo Luck
tighten it up. u a troll?
sure way to stop it from moving try this
remove the screws that hold the seat in place on the toilet
cut 2 piece of sandpaper 1 in x 1 in and place them between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl
make a hole for the screw
replace the screw
tighten up the screw under the seat were its attached to the toilet
tighten the nuts underneath the toilet seat. or it might be cos there are no seals on it.
just make it tighter. duh!

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